Designing Your Road to Perfection

Scandform is a Polish-Danish engineering company that offers businesses a wide range of engineering services related to plastics processing industry. We are focused on driving customer success and continuous development of our own and our customers' technologies and processes, so that they can stay on track to success and keep track of their expenses and benefit from our variety of cost optimizing solutions.

We assist our customers with complete solutions in regard to new product development, plastic parts design, injection mould design, mould-making (tooling) and injection moulding plastics production.

Scandform has been established with customers in mind. The company started as a result of years-long cooperation between a group of Polish and Danish engineers and managers who worked for Danish engineering and outsourcing companies based in Poland. With the synergy of best qualified Polish engineers with over 15 years experience in moulds design and plastics processing industry together with Danish-English-Polish speaking management and a large bag of experience in cooperation between Scandinavian and Polish companies we have created a company that is a perfect match for customers who value Scandinavian innovative and independent approach to running business and need a consulting partner with profound knowledge of the Polish market - a partner company, that not only can assist with outsourcing and implementation but also deliver top quality services and products themselves. 

Scandform consists of a design office and associated workshops and production facilities. At the moment our company has full capacity for molds and plastic parts design and implementation, together with tools workshop and injection mould plastics production.