A Mixture of Perfect Necessities and Great-to-Haves

Scandform - Plastics Processing ExpertsScandform specializes in complete solutions for plastics processing industry. Services can be customized accordingly to customer's needs. Whenever it comes to your needs as the customer, we must be flexible - just as the plastics we design and produce. We can also be bold, rigid and adamant if you want us to. 

Our company has 3 main fields of activity from which you can choose just as you please. Click on the topic that interests you to find out more:

Design & Implementation

Our design office and its skilled engineers can assist you with new product development, including concept development, preliminary design, visualisations, industrial design and final design and cost optimization for low or high-volume production. We can create the product that you desire, yet we can also design tools for manufacturing it. 

Injection Moulds 

Once our design office has completed the design of your new product and mold or you have sent us your own drawings we can produce the complete mold for you at our own and our partners' facilities in Poland. The service includes complete mold production and initial test series of the product. 

Injection Moulding Plastics Production

With the complete mold our company can immediately start the production of your product, no matter if it is your own mold, or one that we have made. We can produce your product at our facilities in prices that everyone can afford.