Design & Implementation

Our design office and its skilled engineers can assist you with new product development, including concept development, preliminary design, visualisations, industrial design and final design and cost optimization for low or high-volume production. We can create the product that you desire, yet we can also design tools for manufacturing it. 

Our expertise covers the following fields of interest:

  • Product development & design of plastic parts and molds for medical devices, automotive, electrics, electronics and household goods industries
  • Industrial design for various products
  • Cost optimization
  • FEM Analysis
  • Production & Outsourcing

Basing on our years-long experience and high-end computer-aided design and simulations software we can design top quality products for our customers. We consider all technological and financial aspects of each project and deliver complete technical solution for the final product such as 3D models and 2D drawings, including a photorealistic rendering of the designed product if requested. Our engineers are able to estimate the full production cost of the specified product already during its development phase. 

All technical standards, esthetics and durability needs and special customer requests are taken into consideration while delevoping each and every new product and our customers are always advised on the optimal technological solution for their product.

We design in SolidWorks as the standard CAD software, which is available as default software in all our projects free of charge.  

Additionaly we can also design in most of the modern CAD systems, including below software upon agreement. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry at 

We have a 24 hours response guaranteed, so you will not have to wait for us.